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Our “ready-to-use ” system solution for an effective, industrial energy data management in your company.

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High performance energy management software

This complete solution, which has already been frequently used, is a professional system for recording and processing energy consumption. It consists of energy meters and hardware components, software as well as the necessary “know how” for practice-oriented implementation in industrial companies of any size and industry. Equally suitable for 10, 100, 1,000, or more energy meters!

Due to permanent recording of the energy consumption, the user has the simple and efficient possibility of energy control. Potential savings can be identified and energy costs reduced.

Reduce energy costs through transparency
Record energy consumption online
Evaluate energy consumption statistically
Client-specific calculation of energy consumption
Examine energy consumption for implausibilities
Correlating energy consumption with process data and forming KPI's
Convenient creation of energy reports
Power load management Power purchase monitoring
Complete solution for the accrual of third-party electricity volumes according to EEG



We are certified

Our system solution has been audited by Lloyd’s Register and certified to ISO 50001 and ISO 50006.

Since 1998

You can rely on our longstanding experience in the field of industrial energy management. From practice for practice!

Developer and Operator

The fact that we are developer and operator at the same time makes us unique worldwide.

Recognised by BAFA

The German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) has classified MESSDAS® as eligible for funding according to the guidelines of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

Worldwide application

Over 1200 happy customers around the globe.



Recording, visualization, evaluation, archiving


MESSDAS® meets the highest requirements in terms of availability, freedom from errors, and data preservation with consideration of investment costs and cost-effectiveness.

Interrogation cycles of the energy meters within seconds.

Visualization in the Windows as well as in the web world.

Links to Microsoft products such as Excel, Power Point, Power BI as well as any type of control technology (ZLT, GLT, PLC).

Meanwhile, MESSDAS® has been used approx. 550 times in well-known companies of the German and international industry and has established itself as a standard software for modern energy management.

Our crew, with their many years of experience in our HOCHHUTH home base with more than 2,000 energy meters, will take care of you.

As the developer and operator of the energy management system, we have achieved a unique selling point worldwide.

The constant use of the energy management system allows us a unique practical approach.

Your software – Equipment for a perfect flight


The invoicing system for MESSDAS®

ENERDATA® is the energy invoicing tool for MESSDAS®. After configuring the billing methods, the user can create the monthly energy invoice with a few mouse clicks and transfer the data to invoicing systems (SAP).


ProductProfiler® for type and batch analysis

The MESSDAS® ProductProfiler® module is the ideal tool for creating and tracking the specific key performance indicators required by ISO 50001 and ISO 50006. The ProductProfiler® module receives production data from your plants and records the energy consumption per plant, related to production types or a single production batch and offers you extensive evaluation options.


REPORTING as reporting system

The MESSDAS® Report Generator is used to easily and automatically create reports from data captured in MESSDAS®, ENERDATA® and ProductProfiler®. The data collected in this way can be exported automatically to Excel templates created by the user and sent to a freely definable distribution list or stored on a drive of your choice.


The measuring equipment management

METERDATA® manages all data entered in MESSDAS® for the individual measuring devices, such as the building in which the measuring device is installed, the building for which the measuring device records energy data or the serial number. In addition, meter readers and responsibilities for the measuring equipment can be defined.

We would be proud to give you a demonstration of our live system at the ENERGY INNOVATION CENTER in our HOMEBASE WIESBADEN

Industrial Park Kalle-Albert
Competence Center Energy Management
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65203 Wiesbaden, Germany


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